Let's Get Ready! 

5 easy steps to ace the NACC Final Exam

Disclaimer: It is recommended that you give yourself at least 2 - 4 weeks to prepare for this Examination. If you write your exam sooner than this you will most likely be unprepared and at higher risk of failure. 


Step 1: Read the FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Questions Section includes important topics such as: 

  • Exam Format
  • Breakdown of Questions per Module
  • Necessary Supplies for the Exam
  • What to do on Exam Day
  • Expected Wait for Results
  • Failing the Exam

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Step 2: Module Handouts

The best place to start is by reviewing the handouts provided to you during classes and your accompanying notes. If you require extra copies of these notes please contact the office.  

Step 3: Workbook

While you review your module handouts, take some time to answer the questions in your Workbook. Most of the questions were covered in class, however the answers for the ones that weren't can be accessed by clicking the link below. 

Workbook Answer Key

Step 4: Module Practice Quizzes 

Each module comes with its own Review Section in the Module Library. To access these, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Module Library
  2. Go to the desired Module
  3. Scroll down to the review section
  4. Click on the "Practice Quiz" Link

To access a practice quiz you will require a specific password. These passwords are below: 

  • Login Information
    • Name - *Your Student Number* (i.e. M0001)
  • Passwords
    • Mod 01 - 01diversity
    • Mod 02 - 02healthcare
    • Mod 03 - 03nonverbal
    • Mod 04 - 04infection
    • Mod 05 - 05transfer
    • Mod 06 - 06emotional
    • Mod 07 - 07digestive
    • Mod 08 - 08documentation
    • Mod 09 - 09wound
    • Mod 10 - 10puberty
    • Mod 11 - 11epilepsy
    • Mod 12 - 12catheter
    • Mod 13 - 13action
    • Mod 14 - 14grief

Step 5: NACC Review Section

We have created NACC Exam Review Quizzes that contain questions from each module and are approximately 100 questions each. These should be completed as the final review before your exam. You can access them in the NACC Review Section.

Password for quizzes

  • mhapsw16

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Andrew at a.frias@metrocarehealth.ca or (647) 352-8868