This module provides an overview of the Personal Support Worker role in a variety of settings. Students will learn the principles of client-centered versus client-directed care, emphasizing the individuality of the client and his/her relationship with family, friends, and others. This module introduces the concept of individuality of all persons, their experiences, rights, interests, beliefs, and needs. Students will be introduced to the role and scope of responsibilities of PSWs, including the variety of settings, work relationships, stress and time management, and applicable legislation. Consequences of exceeding the scope of the PSW role will also be covered. This module will also introduce students to interpersonal skills and communications, including conflict resolution and problem solving. 

Main Topics

1.1   Ch. 12: Caring about Culture and Diversity

1.2  Ch.06: Working with Clients and their Families

1.3   Legislation: The Client's Rights & Your Rights

1.4 Module Review, Test and Take Up


  • EV 01-1: Mod 01 Assignment (Cultures)
    • Weighting: 25%
  • EV 01-2: Mod 01 Test
    • Weighting: 75%


Practice Quiz

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