Module 4 deals with aspects of safety as they relate to both the consumer/client and the worker. One of the fundamental activities of the PSW is assisting the client with routine ADLs. It is essential that the PSW provide assistance in a manner which is effective, safe and provides comfort, while being aware of
potential risks posed by unsafe equipment or settings and the appropriate actions to take if necessary. Also, infection control methods will be taught as infections can cause distress for both the client and the

Main Topics

4.1   Ch. 14: Body Structure and Function (Integumentary System) (p.201-202)

        Ch. 17: Caring for Older Adults (Integumentary System) (p.263-266)

        Ch. 18: Common Diseases (Integumentary System) (p.276-277)

4.2   Ch. 26: Beds and Bed Making

4.3   Ch. 29: Personal Hygiene

         Ch. 30: Grooming and Dressing

4.4   Practice Time

4.5   Performance Demonstrations

EV 04-1: Mod 4 Performance Demonstration (Bed Making & Personal Hygiene) 

4.6   Module Review, Test and Take Up

EV 04-2: Mod 4 Test


  • EV 04-1: Mod 4 Performance Demonstration (Bed Making & Personal Hygiene)
    • weighting: 40%
    • passing mark: 18.5/27
  • EV 04-2: Mod 4 Test
    • weighting: 60%


Practice Quiz

  • 04infection