PSWs recognize that behaviours or changes in behaviour can be related to illness or other conditions, such as cognitive impairment, substance abuse or mental illness. They identify factors which can increase the risk of suicide and recognize signs of possible suicidal behaviour. They use approaches and
techniques to assist clients with these changes or conditions in keeping with the care plan and report observations to the appropriate team member.
This module will introduce the student to common psychiatric conditions (affective disorders and schizophrenia), substance abuse and cognitive impairment. The possibility of multiple conditions such as
Alzheimer’s Disease and depression will be discussed.

Main Topics

11.1   Ch. 14: Body Structure and Function (Nervous System) (p.206-208)

Ch. 18: Common Diseases and Conditions (Nervous System Disorders) (p.285-290)

11.2   Ch. 34: Mental Health Disorders

11.3   Ch. 35: Confusion, Delirium, and Dementia

11.4   Ch. 18: Common Diseases and Conditions (Stroke/Cerebral Vascular Incident) (p.286-297)

11.5   Module Review, Test and Take Up


  • EV 11-1: Mod 11 Assignment 1 (Cognitive Impairment)
    • weighting: 20%
    • passing mark: 24.5/35
  • EV 11-2: Mod 11 Assignment 2 (ABI- Acquired Brain Injuries)
    • weighting: 20%
    • passing mark: 23.1/33
  • EV 11-4: Mod 11 Test
    • weighting: 60%
    • passing mark: 42/60


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