The PSW’s ability to assist a client with medications may be essential in supporting the client’s independence or in supporting a family caregiver to attend to tasks or take needed respite. Students will identify; purposes of medication, required instruction/information about medications to be administered, and cautions with regards to medications. Students develop and demonstrate skill in reading and interpreting information on prescription containers and demonstrate assistance with oral/topical medications as well as eye. ear. and nose drops. The importance of observation for both desired and
undesired outcomes will be described. Finally, procedures to be followed in the event of concern about or problems with medications will be discussed.

Main Topics

13.1   Introduction to Assisting with Medications

13.2   Legal Considerations

13.3   Routes of Administration

13.4   Drug Classifications

13.5   Drug Effects

13.6   Assisting with Medications

13.7   Module Review, Test and Take Up


  • EV 13-1: Mod 13 Take Home Assignment 1
    • weighting: 15%
  • EV 13-2: Mod 13 Take Home Assignment 2
    • weighting: 15%
  • EV 13-3: Mod 13 Performance Demonstration
    • weighting: 15%
  • EV 13-4: Mod 13 Test
    • weighting: 55%
    • passing mark: 28/40


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