This module allows the student to discuss the concept of dying as part of life and the possible impact of life-threatening illness on the person and their family. They will also have the opportunity to examine personal beliefs about life-threatening illness, dying and the provision of support to the dying person, her/
his family and friends. Assisting the dying person to maintain a desired lifestyle and respecting his/her right to make decisions with regard to support is also discussed. Specific approaches within the scope of the support worker to reduce comfort or pain are covered care of the person at the time of death, are of
the body after death, as well as any procedure which must be followed are discussed. Finally students will have the opportunity to examine personal reactions to the death of a client and to learn and demonstrate ways in which they may assist grieving family members.

Main Topics

14.1   Introduction

14.2   Caring for a Client Who is Dying

14.3   Module Review, Test and Take Up


  • EV 14-1: Mod 14 Individual Assignment
    • weighting: 30%
  • EV 14-2: Mod 14 Group Assignment
    • weighting: 70%


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