This module will introduce the student to the basics of anatomy and physiology. Students will gain an understanding of human body systems in order to apply that knowledge in their daily work as a Personal Support Worker. These body systems are: the musculoskeletal, digestive, urinary, integumentary, reproductive, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and endocrine. Common disorders and age-related changes for each body system will also be covered.

Main Topics

3.1    Ch.01: Introduction to the Human Body

3.2    Ch.04: Tissues and Membranes

3.3    Ch.05: Integumentary System

3.4    Ch.06: Skeletal System

3.5    Ch.07: Muscular System

3.6    Ch.08: Nervous System

3.7    Ch.09: The Senses

3.8    Ch.10: The Endocrine System

3.9    Ch.11: Cardiovascular System: The Heart

         Ch.12: Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels

         Ch.13: Cardiovascular System: Blood

3.10  Ch.14: Lymphatic and Body Defense

3.11  Ch.15: Respiratory System

3.12  Ch.16: Digestive System

3.13  Ch.18: Urinary Sytem & Body Fluids

3.14  Ch.19: Reproductive System

3.15  Module Review, Test and Take Up


EV 03-1: Mod 3 Test A

Weighting: 50%

EV 03-1: Mod 3 Test B

Weighting: 50%


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Module Review

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