In this module students will learn to assist the client with their nutritional needs, household activities, and household management according to client preferences, comfort, and safety within employer guidelines as required. Nutritional needs include planning balanced nutritious menus, preparing shopping lists, shopping, safe handling of food, storage, and specific cooking techniques. Special dietary needs of infants, pregnant and nursing mothers, persons with specific conditions (diabetes, feeding tubes, etc.), as well as persons with specific cultural and religious preferences will be addressed. Students will have the opportunity to practice and demonstrate skills in a lab environment. 

Main Topics

6.1   The Digestive System

        Ch.14: Body Structure and Function (Digestive System)(p.213-216)

        Ch.18: Common Diseases and Conditions (Digestive Disorders)(p.297-299)

6.2   Ch.27: Nutrition and Fluids

6.3   Ch.28: External Nutrition and IV Therapy

6.4   Ch.25: Home Management

6.5   Module Review, Test and Take Up


EV 06-1: Mod 6 Assignment 1 (Household Management)

Weighting: 20%

EV 06-2: Mod 6 Assignment 2 (Meal Planning)

Weighting: 20%

EV 06-3: Mod 6 Test

Weighting: 60%


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Module Review

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