Support of various types is the main function of the PSW. Yet, support is more than providing helpit relies on a number of factors, not the least of which are skill and sensitivity. Optimal support refers to the ability to provide sufficient support to assist clients to do what they wish without inhibiting them. This module builds on the materials presented in the introductory module PSW Fundamentals. It identifies the support to be provided and the significance of the support to the client, and of the need for the support. Supporting the client to relearn/regain routine abilities and issues of the rights of the client as a receiver of support will be presented. The care plan or service contract is the framework within which the worker provides support to the client. The worker must know the purpose of planning, the ways in which planning is done, and the persons who are involved, including client, support workers, caregivers, and professionals. As members of the support team, PSWs will learn about implementing parts of the care plan and communicating information accurately and without judgment. These activities are conducted in accordance with employer guidelines (agency or client). Students will also be introduced to working in the community health care environment, providing support to patients and families in communities, including Individual Homes and Retirement Homes, Long Term Care Facilities, Acute Care Settings and Acquired Brain Injury Programs. 

Main Topics

7.1   Computer Workshop

7.2   Ch.33: Rehabilitation Care

7.3   Ch.14: Body Structure and Function (Circulatory & Respiratory System)(p.210-213)

7.4   Ch.41: Measuring Height, Weight, and Vital Signs

7.5   Ch.08: Client Care (Charts)(p.107-120)

7.6   Ch.02: Canadian Health Care System (Working in the Community)(p.26-30)

7.7    Module Review, Test and Take Up


EV 07-1: Mod 7 Assignment (Restorative Care)

Weighting: 40%

EV 07-2: Mod 7 Test

Weighting: 60%


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Module Review

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