This module builds a foundation for students to understand family characteristics in terms of structure, functions, roles, lifestyles, and relationships. The influence of cultural values, practices, religious beliefs as well as the effects of illness, stress, disability on family relationships will be emphasized as central to the PSWs ability to provide effective support. This module also explores the role of the PSW in providing respite and assistance to families and their children, including those with special needs. Observation of selected commonly occurring conditions related to family functioning and life cycle events are included. A central focus is on the need for awareness of and sensitivity to family reactions to the presence of the PSW, family routines, preferences, and involvement in decision-making. Assisting the family with specific practical approaches in balancing care giving and rest, skills related to infant and childcare, as well as assisting a child with special needs are addressed. The stages of growth and development throughout the life cycle are also discussed. 

Main Topics

8.1    Ch.06: Working with Clients and Their Families (The Client’s Family)(p.82-84)

8.2   Ch.15: Growth and Development

        Ch.06: Working with Clients and their Families (Psychosocial Deviation)(p.75-76)

8.3   Ch.17: Caring for the Older Adult

8.4   Ch.38: Caring for Mothers and Infants

8.5   Ch.39: Developmental Disabilities

8.6   Module Review, Test and Take Up


EV 08-1: Mod 1 Assignment

Weighting: 40%

EV 08-2: Mod 1 Test

Weighting: 60%


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Module Review

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