As the result of an ongoing condition, many clients will require the assistance of another person in order to accomplish routine activities of living. Although PSWs are not expected to make functional assessments, they do require an understanding of the effects of disability, disease, or condition on functioning in order to provide appropriate assistance. As partners in a support or care team (along with the client and others), PSWs need to understand why, what, when, and how maintenance, rehabilitation, and restorative care are used to benefit the client. They will likely assist the client in a variety of activities, and must be able to interpret and carry out the instructions of clients and professionals involved with the client so the client receives the maximum benefit from their assistance.

This module introduces students to basic concepts of assistance as well as the general effects on the person of common disabilities, ongoing conditions, and diseases. Focusing on the importance of providing support safely, effectively, and comfortably, students will gain skill in necessary techniques. Concepts of maintenance, rehabilitation, and restoration are discussed, as is the importance of the support team in providing assistance. Activities will be discussed that require additional training, who is responsible for providing the training, and transferability of these additional skills. 

Main Topics

12.1   Ch.31: Urinary Elimination

          Ch.32: Fecal Elimination

12.2   Ch.18: Common Diseases and Conditions

12.3   Ch.37: Hearing and Vision Problems

12.4   Ch.43: Heat and Cold Applications

12.5   Ch.44: Oxygen Needs

12.6   Module Review, Test and Take Up


EV 12-1: Mod 12 Assignment (Oxygen Therapy)

Weighting: 20%

EV 12-2: Mod 12 Test

Weighting: 80%


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Module Review

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