1. Food Safety Regulations

  2. Food Safety

  3. Microorganisms

  4. The Flow of Food

  5. Personal Hygiene

  6. Cleaning and Sanitization

  7. Receiving and Storing Food

  8. Food Preparation

  9. Handling and Serving Food

  10. Maintaining the right temperature

  11. Reducing Danger Zone time

  12. Cooking, Cooling and Holding Food

  13. Food Allergies


We run regular Basics Food Safety Training Workshops.

For dates and times, please check our Upcoming Workshops Schedule.


  • Upon completion, trainees will receive a ‘Basics Food Safety Training’ Certificate

  • Certificates are valid for up to 5 years (may be subject to employer policies)

$100 per course

  • Group Fee Discounts available for 2 or more trainees

Course Fee