Student Feedback

Everyone at Metrocare Health Academy has a passion for education, teaching and learning. See what our students' are saying about us:


Mylene Alcantara

PSW Graduate 2016

"Graduation is the beginning of a brand new journey, warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. Thank you Metrocare Health Academy for preparing us to be more confident, determined, motivated and fully equipped with knowledge and skills as our greatest weapon in facing the new chapter of our lives as a PSW. Congratulations to all of us!"

Cruz, Affril.jpg

Affril C.

PSW Graduate 2015

"To the teachers and faculty, thank you! And to my co-graduates, for what its worth: its never too late to be whoever we want to be. I hope we all live a life we can be proud of. Lets all have courage to show everyone that Metrocare Health graduates will stop at nothing to achieve greatness!"

Gamones, Rufina 077A1820.jpg

Rufina Gamones

PSW Graduate 2015

"I would like to thank you, all the teachers of Metrocare Health Academy and all the staff for teaching us, sharing your knowledge and skills and above all I thank God for the strength!"